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A Top Large-Cap Car-T Innovator Focused on the Commercialization of Autologous Cell Therapies.

Over the past year, we have helped this organizations' nascent external manufacturing and procurement teams better understand the markets for autologous cell therapy processing, cGMP plasmid supply, lentiviral vector cell lines, and contract manufacturing of propriety CAR-T manufacturing technologies.

     We have provided over $1.45 mi of financial savings across plasmid supplies, licenses, and cell-line development services.

An Up & Coming Allogenic Cell Therapy Innovator

Over the past 5 months, we have run various sourcing projects supporting the diversification of their cGMP material supply chain to both help reduce overall risk and identify up to 30% savings cumulatively across their bill of materials, including:  cell modification reagents, growth media, consumables, etc.

     Additionally, we are supporting technical and business diligence efforts as the strategic procurement representative to the cross-functional team.  Our role on this team is to help develop its technical operations project and sourcing program planning and budgeting.

A Small Cap Anti-Infectives Innovator Whose Lead Compound is in Phase 3 Trials & Gearing up for Commercialization.

We helped their CMC team understand the commercial supplier landscape for their Regulatory Starting Material, Drug Substance, Drug Product / co-drug sourcing, and packaging / labelling services.  As a direct result of our methodology, NegotiumBio provided a roadmap to        over 40% cost reductions on their 1st generation product and identified partners for their technically unique 2nd generation process.  Additionally, we redeveloped their supply chain to        enable access to numerous launch markets.

A Recently IPO'd Innovator Whose Focus is Antibody & Protein Modalities for the Treatment of Autoimmune Diseases.

NegotiumBio was engaged to help their CMC team explore their options for outsourced sterile drug product services.  We identified over 20 options, developed selection criteria specific to thier program needs, ran their sourcing event, and negotiated a comprehensive development supply agreement in less than 3 months resulting in over $250k in savings against initial options.

     The client invited NegotiumBio to provide additional services related to developing their global Drug Substance CMO strategy for their mAB and protein programs, as well as developing analytical services partners to enable European and Japanese market access, and improving negotiation outcomes of near term supply engagements. 

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