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Mark Davis

Mark is a technically trained business services professional whose CMC expertise includes full responsibility for transactions involving a combination of IP, development, and supply elements.  Supporting cell therapy business deals with 3 of the top 15 pharmaceutical companies worldwide, he negotiated various agreements that often required "green field" development of technologies specific to a program. In addition, Mark has a successful track record of significant risk and cost reductions in global scale supply chain development, including small molecules of leading pharmaceutical companies.

Oliver Zanon

Oliver is an experienced legal counsel, mediator and business engineer. He started his career at Lonza and in 2005, founded his own law office focusing on legal support for big and small pharmaceutical companies - including Novartis, Actelion and Polyphor - in procurement and clinical studies. At Novartis, he served both on the sponsor/CRO side and on the side of hospitals and clinics. Based on this broad legal perspective, Oliver will create the best possible legal frame around your procurement needs. 

Christoph Becker

Starting out as PhD biochemist, Christoph’s 25-year track record in the pharmaceutical, CMO and chemical industry includes global companies such as Novartis, Lonza and Siegfried as well as consulting work with biotech start-ups. Christoph's main areas of expertise are custom-made APIs & intermediates (chemical and biologics), lean manufacturing, and building partnerships with providers of complex drug conjugates. An additional focus is the consulting service NegotiumBio offers to clients who want to expand into new therapeutic areas as an investment opportunity. 

Elena Rodal Salgueiro

With a BSc in Biology and a Master’s degree in Laboratory Management, Elena has developed her professional career of 12+ years in clinical, environmental and pharmaceutical quality laboratories. During her career, she has designed and implemented the ISO 17025 standard, being responsible for the procurement and management of laboratory equipment, chemicals and consumables. She has also managed the GMP library of manufacturing standards and supplier qualification.

Benoît Collin

Benoît brings 20+ years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry to NegotiumBio, including roles at Quest Diagnostics, Parexel, UCB, and Novartis (Clinical, Technical R&D, and Cell & Gene Therapy Sourcing).  Benoît’s expertise includes procurement negotiations, external manufacturing and raw materials sourcing for cell & gene therapy as well as clinical services outsourcing. He also has a successful track record in comparator sourcing, clinical and commercial manufacturing, project leadership, partnership management, and Supplier Relationship Management.

Moranda Marcinek

With a BA in Strategic Communications, Moranda is an operationally trained professional whose expertise is in procurement, contract administration, accounts payable support, and facilities management. She has a successful track record of vendor relationship management and meeting customer goals. She is responsible for supporting business operations within NegotiumBio, as well as external market research for our clients. 

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