Reduce Your Outsourcing Risk. Optimize Your Outcomes.

Developing an outsourced contract manufacturing strategy, coupled with negotiating, selecting and managing the right contract manufacturing organization (CMO) for your requirements is a specialized task. 


NegotiumBio will help you find strategic short and long-term manufacturing partners who can meet your stringent demands for speed, quality and efficiency. This allows you to keep your scientists focused on what they do best: advancing breakthrough treatments and improving patient care.



NegotiumBio supports pharmaceutical and biotechnology innovator programs across all modalities - small and large molecules, cell and gene therapies.



Examples of recent projects, demonstrating the time and money our clients saved by putting NegotiumBio at the center of their negotiation process.



Hear more about the companies we’ve helped to make informed decisions related to their external manufacturing and procurement strategy. 


Big Pharma Negotiation Power
for Smaller Businesses

NegotiumBio supports pharmaceutical and biotech companies in executing outsourced manufacturing and procurement strategies across diverse modalities. Our successful negotiation track record includes small and large molecules as well as cell & gene therapies, including CAR-T, TCR, viral vector, plasmid, mAB, protein, and CRISPR based therapies. 


Whatever modality your drug may be, we’ve got you covered in terms of identifying and mitigating outsourcing risks and maximizing cost effectiveness – helping you make the deal that best leverages your resources.

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